Missouri River Rafting, Outfitting, Canoe & Kayak
    "The face of the water, in time became a wonderful book - a book that was a dead language to        the uneducated passenger, but which told its mind to me without reserve, delivering its most            cherished secrets as clearly as if it uttered them with a voice.  And it was not a book to be read        once and thrown aside, for it had a new story to tell everyday."
- Mark Twain
Missouri River Rafting, Outfitting, Canoe & Kayak
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P.O. Box 4143 Saint Joseph, MO.  64504

    The Missouri River is still a beautiful natural treasure.  It still promises adventure, offers a chance to view birds and wildlife, and provides a quiet escape from the day to day - where you can relax and regain tranquility.  All you have to do is set out upon its current.
     So, climb aboard one of our guided raft tours to see what's waiting just around the next bend in the river.  You'll be glad you did.
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