Frequently Asked Questions
How long do guided raft tours last?   Our raft tours usually average about 3 hours actually on the water.  With travel times to the launch site, fitting passengers with life vests, launching the raft and the variability of winds - we usually recommend that our clients schedule 4 to 4 1/2 hours for this entire outing.

What should I bring?  It is always good to bring sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, possibly binoculars for viewing birds or wildlife.  Some snacks and beverages (no alcohol).  Soft sole shoes or sandals that you don't mind possibly getting damp.  Personal rain gear is an option although we do usually carry some emergency rain ponchos for our guests.  If you are bringing along your phone or camera equipment we recommend some kind of waterproof storage bag to protect these from the elements when not in use.  Also having some kind of clip for your car keys is a good idea.

Is there a daily schedule when raft tours go out?  We schedule raft tours according to when you would like to be on the river.  Of course we feel that the optimum time to be on the river is early morning, in order to increase the chances of spotting wildlife, and also to avoid the heat of mid day in the summer months, but we will try to acomodate whatever launch time works best for you.  We can be on the water as early as sunrise, or launch in the evening and come in at sunset.

Do you only offer trips on the Missouri River?  For our Guided Raft Tours, we only offer these on the Missouri River.  For paddlers with their own canoes or kayaks who are planning their own waterway explorations in Northwest Missouri and Northeast Kansas, we would be glad to assist with the shuttle of you and your gear to your chosen put in and take out points.  Our shuttles to other launch sites include transport within 15 miles of Saint Joseph.  Costs to other more distant launch sites will have to be assessed on an individual basis.

Is it safe to be on the Missouri River?  In our opinion : Yes!  It is not only safe but is a very enjoyable part of our landscape here in the mid-west that is not nearly as appreciated as it should be.  Of course, as with every outdoor activity there are inherent risks to consider, but we make every effort to prepare for all conditions that might be encountered.  It is our goal to safely introduce new people to the vistas along the Missouri.

How much canoe or kayak experience do I need to have before getting on the river?  It is helpful to have had some experience in a canoe or kayak before getting on the Missouri.  Knowing how to steer your craft in order to avoid obstacles is important.  Also, being always mindful of the current, keeping an eye out downstream and planning your course well ahead of time will help keep you out of any potential trouble.

What is required to reserve a raft tour, canoe or kayak shuttle?  For any tour or equipment shuttle we require a credit card to secure the reservation. 

How far in advance should I schedule my raft tour or equipment shuttle?  To assure availability it is a good idea to schedule the day before your planned outing.  This is also appreciated because we are a small company operating with limited staff.  This keeps the costs of our trips low and also assures a more personalized service to our guests.  Advanced notice helps us to better prepare with helping you get on the water.

What is your cancellation policy?  For guided raft tours we require notice of cancellation at least 3 hours in advance of the agreed upon meeting time in order for you to receive a full refund.  For equipment shuttles we require notice of cancellation 2 hours in advance of the agreed upon meeting time in order for you to receive a full refund.  "No Shows" or  those giving "Insufficient Notice of Cancellation" will be charged the full price of the scheduled trip or equipment shuttle.

Missouri River Rafting reserves the right to cancel any Guided Raft Tour or equipment shuttle at our discretion when taking into account the safety of our clients in regards to river conditions, inclement weather, etc.  Of course if we cancel the trip, you will be entitled to a full refund.

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